The guy as well was repulsed of the sex because the the guy associates they having “Nastiness and you can Mud

The guy as well was repulsed of the sex because the the guy associates they having “Nastiness and you can Mud

This new overreaction in this world demonstrates, since possibly not one world throughout the book do very well, new the total amount off Holden’s neurosis off intercourse

Somebody’d composed “Bang you” on the wall surface. They drove me personally damn close crazy. I was thinking Phoebe as well as additional absolutely nothing babies create find it, and how they’d inquire what the hell it intended, then in the end certain dirty boy do let them know–every cockeyed, naturally–just what it meant, as well as how that they had every contemplate it or maybe even care about any of it for several months. I left trying to eliminate whoever’d composed they. We thought it absolutely was certain perverty bottom that’d sneaked regarding school late at night when planning on taking a problem or something and you may then authored they towards the wall surface. I leftover imagining me personally catching your within it, and just how I would personally smash their directly the brand new stone procedures till he was an effective and goddam deceased and you can bloody (201).

Making the operate out of scribbling an obscenity towards the good schoolhouse wall structure towards the an investment offense, which have himself since pleased executioner of vile offender, was scarcely brand new choices of men and women who’s comfortable with sexuality, if his or her own or somebody else’s.

Watching, Quentin is birth (subconsciously, definitely) growing the newest neurosis which can characterize their adult ideas toward sex

It’s, obviously, Holden’s subconscious fear of sexuality that explains his overly protective emotions toward youngsters, dating for seniors dating such as for instance their brother Phoebe. If at all possible, Holden would prefer a scene instead “screw,” not just the expression but furthermore the act. Therefore the guy erases the brand new obscenity from the wall–merely to come across the second that, “scratched into,” and therefore impractical to eradicate (202). Becker says: “The fresh new upsetting thing about anality would be the fact it suggests that all the community, all the mans creative existence-means, are in some elementary element of them a beneficial fabricated protest against natural truth, a denial of your own realities of the individual condition, and a make an effort to forget the pathetic animal you to son is” (33). Holden’s particular this notion is just as tragic, and only as universal: “It’s impossible, anyway. If you had a million decades to do it when you look at the, your couldn’t scrub aside also half of brand new `Bang you’ cues around the globe. It is impossible” (202).

Such Holden Caulfield, Faulkner’s Quentin Compson stands for an old matter of the latest anal profile. ” This thinking is done from the youthfulness occurrence in which Quentin therefore the most other children see “the brand new muddy base of [Caddy’s] drawers” (39) since she climbs the fresh pear forest to appear from the parlor screen to access this new aftermath becoming held on her behalf grandmother.8 It’s hardly coincidental that Faulkner right here symbolically website links Caddy’s discolored bottom and you will dying. Not merely does the view foreshadow Caddy’s later “fall” to your intimate feel, hence she refers to with demise (“Once they moved myself I passed away,” she informs Quentin ); the newest spot and signifies amazing sin, and this certain letters of one’s novel (given that in fact lots of people once the St. Augustine did) select that have sex. The crucial thing having my personal mission here, although not, is always to note how that it world captures therefore perfectly brand new substance of your rectal position. An innocent kid, with knickers soiled of the contact with the actual environment, climbs brand new Forest of knowledge in her own childhood Paradise to be that into the mature gods.

Quentin’s private character having Caddy’s muddy drawers is established clear in various other teens scene in which Caddy chastises your getting “hugging” (137) Natalie. Quentin’s embarrassment and you can guilt over being stuck that have “a dirty girl like Natalie” (134) is both intriguing and revealing: “I popped tough whenever i you will for the hogwallow and you can dirt yellowed around my hips stinking We maintained plunging up to I fell down and rolled more inside” (136?7). Regarding quarrel with Caddy which goes on, Quentin covers their having dirt: “We wiped mud away from my personal foot smeared they for her wet hard turning muscles” (137). Later, once they tidy themselves regarding department, Quentin sees “new sloughed mud stinking surfaceward’ (138).

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